THE gci Advantage

OUr pledge

We will delight our customers with:

  • Friendliness of our employees

  • Dedication to keeping our commitments

  • Extremely competitive pricing

We will provide a compelling value through:

  • Custom formula development to provide a great tasting product

  • Increasing your production efficiency by reducing waste and improving accuracy

  • Use of high quality innovative and novel ingredients to provide a longer shelf life

Immediate Shipment of Orders -  Lead time 2-3 Business Days

how we do it

  • We are food scientists first, business people second.

  • We approach problem solving through a scientific mindset to achieve very cost effective solutions to our customer’s challenges.

  • We work with all small to medium size companies who do not have extensive product development, or a quality control team, to provide them a competitive edge in the market place.

  • We strictly follow the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) and HACCP systems.

  • Our plant is audited by AIB.

  • All our products are Kosher Certified by Atlanta Kashruth Commission

  • More than anything else, We love our business and are dedicated to our Customers.




24/7 quality improvement

GC Ingredients Inc. believes in using quality improvement processes within a learning environment and supports the following key principles:

  • The commitment of leadership to quality improvement is demonstrated through active involvement and by example.

  • Collaboration and teamwork are required throughout the quality improvement process.

  • The contribution of every individual in a quality improvement process is valued.

  • It is important to use internal as well as external measures of quality, and we hold ourselves accountable to multiple stakeholders for the quality of our care and services. words.jpg

All our products manufactured in our plants are “Certified Kosher” by Atlanta Kashruth Commission.