Meat & Poultry Blends


Ingredients for Meat & poultry applications

We have ingredients to replace phosphates, lactates in various meat applications.

Benefits of using GC Ingredients:

  1. Custom developed blends of gums, starches to meet your marketing and manufacturing needs.

  2. Ingredients that deliver functionality that you prefer.

  3. Quick turn around time from our sales and technical team

What we can offer for Meat & Poultry Customers

GC Microstat - A , GC Microstat - B

Buffered systems that are designed to extend the shelf life of hot dogs, turkeys, hams, sausages etc., and to potentially replace phosphates and lactates

Ellobind 5000 Modified Potato, Tapioca, Corn Starches

High quality hydrocolloid systems to replace phosphates in poultry.