Liquid Anti-Microbials


Gc ingredients is a leading manufacturer of Liquid Anti-Microbials for Tortillas, cakes, breads, and the Meat Industry. based on the required shelf life and manufacturing processes, GCI offers the following blends:

Liquid Blends for Corn Flour Tortillas

  • GC Max

  • GC Strong

  • GC Protect

  • GC Concentrate

Liquid Blends for Meat and Poultry

  • GC Microstat - A

  • GC Microstat - B

Liquid Blends for cakes

  • GCI Kake

  • GCI Glaze

Advantages of liquid Anti-Microbials

  • Liquid blends are very easy to use. Blends can be metered with a pump or be dosed easily with a hand pump.

  • It mixes easily with the substrate to give a uniform dispersion, thus allowing for a smaller amount of the product to be used.

  • No dust arises when using a liquid blend, minimizing health related issues.

  • Products available to deliver in drums, totes, and tanker trucks.

  • The drums and totes are recyclable and resuable, reducing the packaging waste and decreasing the overall cost of the product.