Custom Blends. for you, obviously.

Our custom blends are high performing and of superior quality. We offer both liquid and dry blending. We can develop a blend for your specific needs, or you can choose one of the following blends for your formulation.


  • GC Concentrate

  • GC Max

  • GC Protect

  • GC Strong

baking powder blends

  • Single Acting Baking Powder

  • Double Acting Baking Powder

  • Double Acting Baking Powder — Aluminum Free

Custom tortilla batch packs to meet your specific needs and streamline production (Simply add flour, oil, and water)

  • Burrito/Food Service/California Style (thin, translucent tortillas)

  • Gordita/Casera/Homestyle (thick, fluffy tortilla)

  • Keto Friendly/Low Carb Tortilla (net carbs of less than 5 grams)

  • Clean Label Tortilla Batch Packs (no artificial preservatives)

  • Flavored Tortillas

  • GCI Kake: Increases the thawed shelf life of frozen baked goods up to 2-3 weeks

  • GCI Glaze: Increases the shelf life of icings

  • Ellogum 2000: Series of carageenan blends for various applications such as turkeys, hams.

  • Ellobind 5000: Series of poultry & meat binders.

  • Ellogum 1000: Series of gum blends to improve moisture retention in cakes and biscuits.

  • Ellobind 4000: A custom developed gum blend to improve the texture of corn tortillas. Ellobind 4000 will help prevent cracking of tortillas and maintain the softness and shelflife of tortillas.

  • Ellobind 6000: Series of buttermilk biscuit blend batch pack.

  • Ellobind 7000: Flat bread dough conditioner for pita breads, naans, rotis, lavash, etc.

bakery gum blends and dough conditioners

  • Preservative Flavor Masking Agent

  • Bitter Masking Agent

Flavor Masking Agents